“It’s all about magic.

I endeavor to draw in the magic that is omnipresent in the world; it is the inspiration for everything I design and build and express through my art. Magic inspires the ethereal qualities in art and is enhanced and re-expressed for all who can receive and appreciate it and reflect it again anew. Pass it on…”

—Evan Lewis

— NEWS —

Evan Lewis is pleased to announce the completion and installation of the monumental kinetic sculpture, “Meander”, commissioned by Urban Arts Commission, Memphis, Tennessee, as the centerpiece of the major riverfront development, Beale Street Landing.

This spectacular work in stainless steel and concrete, comprises two serpentine towers each incorporating three kinetic elements, the two towers are further joined by a central cupola and wind vane. Video above.


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— About —

Evan Lewis has been an active artist/sculptor since 1978. Lewis’s interest in kinetic wind-powered art has led him to work primarily in metal, mostly in stainless steel and aluminum. Equally important to his work is the incorporation of sound, which is produced through delicate wind-powered percussive components. In 1988, Lewis was commissioned to create his first large-scale wind/sound sculpture for Expo 88 in Brisbane, Australia. Since the creation of that important first public sculpture, numerous commissions have followed including site-specific works for universities, municipal institutions, and private collections. In 1995, several of Lewis’ sculptures were commissioned by Warner Bros. Entertainment for the major motion picture “Twister”. A changing selection of commissioned works is featured on this website and a comprehensive portfolio is available for review upon further inquiry (please see “contact” below).

Evan Lewis was born in New York, NY, and grew up in Santa Barbara, California. He received his BFA in sculpture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1989 and has been living and working in Chicago ever since.

— Furniture —

EVAN LEWIS INC./Furniture was founded in 1991 as a collection of sculptural furniture forms inspired by classical motifs, readapted as contemporary design. Working in a broad range of materials including steel, copper, bronze and wood, Evan Lewis furniture pieces are hand-crafted one at a time at the Evan Lewis atelier in Chicago, Illinois. As the collection has grown, subsequent new and varying stylistic influences have emerged with the most current designs reflecting characteristics of modernism, ethnic and tribal arts, and even minimalism. Evan Lewis Furniture is designed and created alongside Mr. Lewis’s fine art/sculptural works and the two endeavors have a symbiotic relationship both creatively and technically. The Evan Lewis Showroom is located on-site at the atelier and exhibits a changing selection of Evan Lewis furniture and decorative accessories alongside fine art from across the United States. The showroom is open by appointment only — please see “Contact” section below.

To view the full portfolio of Evan Lewis Inc. furniture, please click: evanlewisinc.com


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608 341-9364 info@evanlewisinc.com
4485 Wells Road, Mineral Point, WI 53565